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our custom barges help you

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With over 35 years experience in the honda-yamaha-logosMarine Construction industry AluminumBarges.com has mastered a true work of art… the perfect barges. Our expertise in dock building has allowed us to skillfully engineer and build out barges using the most efficient materials, best equipment and options allowing you to work more efficiently.

Top Quality Construction

We use only top quality select Marine grade Aluminum materials that will never rust and will outlast steel. The frames are carefully welded and tested for both strength and durability throughout the various phases of construction. Our Heavy Duty Frames are actually overbuilt to ensure a long life and durability you would expect from our products.

Work Flow Efficiency

In marine construction more efficiency equals more profit. Although our barges are actually overbuilt for strength you will find they still provide optimum light fuel efficiency which will allow you to move quickly from one job to the next. Saving you both Time and Money.

Better Options & Features

Our barge features are carefully selected from top manufacturers and strategically crafted into our barges to optimize deck space and work flow. We provide optional features such as 360º degree radius crane that provides a reach of 40 feet.

Other options include hand controls and remote controls that can allow even a small crew of 1 to efficiently perform any marine construction project single-handed with ease. Together these optional items can assist in optimizing your work flow and can actually allow you to build a dock up to 45% faster.

Shallow Water Access

Our barges are built with accessibility in mind. Should you come across a situation where shallow water access is required, you’ll be ready. Access couldn’t be easier to just about any situation with our shallow body barges.

Easier Portability

Working alone? Don’t sweat it. Although built for strength our barges can still be trailered and managed by a single person. We can custom build your next barge to fit your exact needs of 1 or dozens of workers.